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The Bible Reading for the current month is listed below. uses the The Bible app and is user friendly! For those of you who enjoy listening to the Bible being read to you as you follow along, that option is available as well. Tara-Leigh Cobble hosts a daily podcast to sum up and explain the daily reading. Bible information and recaps the daily reading with additional information you may want to listen to using iTunesSpotifyStitcherGoogle Podcast or PodBean. If you need a visual of the daily Bible Recap then choose the free version of Ignitertv and search for The Bible Recap. As with some of the other podcasters, Ignitertv will ask for you to create an account and using the free version of this account will work fine. I hope you will commit to be apart of this great journey for 2021 and experience God through His written Word as it happened!


For a printable version of the daily Bible Reading, just click on the month needed, save on your device, then you will be able to print a copy for your convenience.

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Episode Links, which are very helpful, can be found at Bible Recap-Episode Links, or for an interactive PDF version click here for the  Episode Links by Tara-Leigh Cobble. Some of the links on the page are redirected to previous Bible Studies with related materials for the day. You may also find YouTube video links within articles for several of the daily episode links.