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Welcome to Grandview Baptist Church in Maryville, Tennessee. We want you to feel at home! You will be greeted by members and church staff who will extend their hands in Christian fellowship. We invite you to worship with us and experience the blessings of our Lord’s goodness and love.



Grandview Baptist Church of Maryville, TN is searching for a lead pianist to join and serve as an integral part of our Music Ministry.
Our pianist would be willing to unite with us in lifting up the name of Christ in like faith with the Baptist Faith and Message as found online at https://bfm.sbc.net/.
• Our pianist would be able to devote the practice time and energy to skillfully play both familiar and unfamiliar songs, hymns and spiritual songs.
• Our pianist must play from sheet music; however, being able to play “by ear” is a “plus.”
• Our pianist would play old “Red Book” hymns, as well as “blended” music with variable tempo, time signature changes, key changes with syncopation.
• Our pianist will have a heart for working in harmony with our
Minister of Music, the Praise Team, organist and other highly skilled
• Our pianist would be available for Sunday morning worship services and various special services at other times during the week.
• Our pianist will be compensated commensurate with levels of like musicians in the church and community (negotiable).

Resumes may be sent via email to: grndvw@bellsouth.net
or may be mailed to:
Grandview Baptist Church
P. O. Box 5237
Maryville, TN 37802 




Greetings Church Family,

In a recent online worship service I planted a seed about our collectively, as a church family, embarking on a journey together through the Word of God.  This chronological reading plan which is unique from other reading plans as it traces the characters and events of Scripture as they unfolded in human history; not in the order in which each book is listed in the Bible.  Example; we will begin with the first three days of reading in Genesis of course but then we move to the Book of Job for a time, because that is the order in which the historical events unfolded in Scripture!  I promise that we will grow in our knowledge, trust, and worship of God, both individually and corporately as church family.  For those of you who enjoy listening to the Bible being read to you as you follow along, that option is available as well.  If you happen to get behind in your reading, no worries, you can get caught up in just a little while.  Bible.com uses the The Bible app and it is user friendly!  After reading the daily Scriptures, follow up with Tara-Leigh Cobble either with a daily podcast to sum up and explain the daily reading, or view Tara-Leigh via Youtube.com.  In the daily podcasts Tara-Leigh will explain the daily reading and back it up historically with Biblical information.  Here are a few of the options available to access the podcast for The Bible Recap;  iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcast or PodBean.  New for this year to the daily Bible Recap is Youtube.com.  Go to Youtube.com and search for The Bible Recap then locate the day you are on.   I hope you will commit to be part of this great journey all year long and experience God through His written Word as it happened!  

Leap Year_ Full Reading Plan_2024

Pastor Chris




NOTE:  Please continue to acknowledge and maintain the safety precautions we have in place in order to provide the safest worship environment possible.

  • Stay home if we feel we have been exposed, aren’t feeling well or are experiencing any symptoms.
  • Checking our temperature before we leave home to attend.
  • Wearing of mask or face shield are optional at this time.
  • Utilize hand sanitizer stations when entering and exiting.
  • Maintain social distancing and waiting to visit in groups until we’re outside.